Giving Opportunities

One of Judaism’s great stories is the building of the Second Temple, following the Babylonian exile. Moved by God, King Cyrus the Great of Persia called upon all the people of Israel to bring freewill offerings to build the house of God in Jerusalem. This sacred tradition, established in 538 BCE, continues today.

B’nai Jeshurun encourages its members to support its religious, educational and social programming. We offer several ways in which to give, including:


Making a donation to B’nai Jeshurun is a meaningful way to honor or remember someone special in your life. To make a tribute donation online, click here. If you prefer to mail in a tribute, simply download and complete this PDF Tribute Form. Then, mail it to us with your check

A tribute may honor

  • a young person who is becoming a Bar/Bat Mizvah or receiving his/her Confirmation
  • a couple who has become engaged, is getting married, or celebrating a special wedding anniversary
  • someone who is recovering from an accident or illness
  • the birth of a children or a special birthday, or
  • a graduation.

Tributes are also a special way in which to honor the memory of a loved one. When you make a Tribute Donation, we will send an acknowledgment to the member, family or friend you designate. Your donation ($10 minimum) also will be listed in our magazine, Temple Tidings.

Annual Giving

“Synagogues and houses of study are Israel’s fortresses.” (Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai). These words are as true today as they were in the decades following the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 C.E. At B’nai Jeshurn, Annual Giving is our most important source of income. To contribute, click here.

All contributions are tax deductible as allowable by law.

Purchasing Prayer Books & Torah Commentaries

If you wish to order a prayer book or Torah Commentaries dedicated in someone’s name, please call us at 973-379-1555 or send an email to or click here to donate online.

  • Prayer Book Dedication: $50 per book
  • Torah Commentaries: $100 per book
    (Please note that there are only a limited number of Torah Commentaries available.)

Gifts of Stock

B’nai Jeshurun accepts gifts of stock for Annual Giving commitments. To make a stock donation or if you have any questions, please contact Alice Lutwak, Executive Director, at 973-379-1555.

Perpetual Yahrzeit

In Jewish tradition, we remember our loved ones on the anniversary of their passing.  At B’nai Jeshurun, we can memorialize them with the establishment of a Perpetual Yahrzeit.  This includes a notification to the family on the date when their name will be read before the chanting of the Kaddish during Erev Shabbat and Shabbat morning services and a page in the Memorial Book on display next to the Bimah in our sanctuary.

Should you choose to establish a Perpetual Yahrzeit, please click here and return the completed form to the temple office with your donation of $500.

Building Our Sacred Home

Click here to learn about Building our Sacred Home.